Your dream domain is taken? No problem. Here’s 4 Best Domains Name Generators

Domains Name Generators

Every web professional has its own story to tell about finding a domain name. Some choose their own names to brand their business; others like to brainstorm ideas to name their one-of-a-kind brand. But, what if your dream domain name is already taken? What if you failed to secure in right time for no-longer-one-of-a-kind brand? No worries. Free tools and domains name generators are here, so you can still find a short, profitable, and memorable domain name.

Here is our list of top domain name generators.

Lean domain search

This is a great tool that allows you to brainstorm and search for domain name ideas. The powerful tool let users prioritize their search according to many sorting options including alphabetical, length of name, popularity, and more. After you hit the search button, they show you many possible domain names to choose from, and you can also check their availability. Moreover, this tool also enables users to register the name via Bluehost, WordPress, GoDaddy, and other hosts.

Bust a Name

The free tool offers two services, one is a domains name generator, and other is domain name maker. Get a start with domain name maker and pick a word that’s relevant to your niche. Type it into domain name generator and choose your filter options.  This tool allows you to check various domain extensions, prefixes, suffixes, punctuation, and spelling. It also provides you many combinations of keywords and shows you their availability.  Moreover, it enables you to search for domains that start or end with a certain word with 11 ways to finally purchase a domain name.


NameStall gives you a lot of flexibility when it comes to searching for domain name ideas. The tool allows you to pick from different TLDs, including many country specific. The ability to choose from groups of words and having keywords at start or end of name makes it an ideal domains name generator.


The NameMesh tool has so much to offer that users often get confused. They break results into eight broad categories: common, similar new, SEO, short, fun, extra, and mix. It enables user to filter more based on domain extension, maximum length, and availability. If you’re prepared to invest your time on all the possible options, then NameMesh should be your ultimate choice to search for domain name ideas.