BlueHost VS GoDaddy, which is the Better Option?

BlueHost VS GoDaddy

The debate between Bluehost vs GoDaddy is one that has been going on since a long time. Both web hosting providers have their pros and cons; however they both are seen as two of the top web hosting providers all over the globe. Below both hosting providers will be compared in terms of certain factors.

  1. Price

It is quite difficult to compare Bluehost with GoDaddy in terms of price due to two factors. First of all, they keep having frequent specials on their pricing which is why it gets harder to compare them in short term. Secondly the way they both have broken down their tiers are quite different. Bluehost has recently updated their tier in 2006 in which they have a basic plan which is quite cheap as well as a pro tier. Bluehost has a pricing of $10.99 per month with everything being unlimited whereas GoDaddy has various pricing plans with an unlimited package of $14.99, that has a discount which lowers the price.

  1. Usability

Both GoDaddy and Bluehost use the industry standard cPanels for the use of their backend. Bluehost uses a cPanel which tends to be super- user friendly and is seen to be quite polished as compared to other cPanel users. They have organized it in such a manner that it has no clutter issue. Moreover, they have also included various educational options. GoDaddy on the other hand, is seen as more straightforward and much sleeker than cPanel, however it can be limited if you are trying to create multiple sites on one account. However, recently they changed upgraded to the industry standard cPanel just like Bluehost.

  1. Support

GoDaddy’s technical support team is seen to be quite efficient as they do solve any technical problem that has taken place. However, with Bluehost, their technical support team works much faster regardless if the complaint is made via phone or email. The biggest difference within the two is that with Bluehost you can choose what the problem is before getting in touch with the support team, which GoDaddy transfers you to the main line where you tell your problem to the support rep.

  1. Hosting Features

In terms of pricing you can either choose BlueHost or GoDaddy, however in terms of other factors there is a lot to keep in mind. One of the key features is the memory limit, with Bluehost you have a memory limit of 256MB, GoDaddy however does not have that option. You can however get the extra memory by paying a certain amount.