How to Make Profits with Domain Names After Domain Name Registration

A domain name is a critical component when looking to own a business website. Essentially, you search for domain name ideas and perform domain name registration to own a domain name. You’ll then need to choose a web hosting service to get your website online. But did you know that you can make profits with your domain name? Here’s how:


Start a business of selling web hosting domain names

You can invest your money in domain names by registering and reselling (or renting out) domain names to other consumers at a much higher price. Let’s face it; it pretty hard to get premium domains like .com domains these days. Most of them are already taken; which is why most small and large online startups look for them online. These businesses are ready to part with significant sums just to get that .com domain name. And with more than 140, 000 websites created every day; the demand for premium domain names is higher than ever before. You can spend your time researching unique domain names and putting them up for sale. This can be a very lucrative business opportunity for you.

You can start a link building campaign to drive traffic to your web hosting website

You can research the most popular and authoritative sites on your niche and check out their domain names. If they are using .com domain names, you can register them with different domains extensions, such as .net, .biz, .org and more. You can then set them up and direct any customer that searches with those extensions to your site. You can also link those domains to those authoritative sites and drive customers to your website. Link building can bring you a ton of traffic and boost your sales.

Garner a lot of traffic with your premium domains

If your premium domains are keyword-rich, you can leverage them to attract tons of traffic to your website. Keyword-rich premium domains tend to rank high on search engines, which means online searchers ‘ll easily find them. When many organic searchers land on your website, there are greater possibilities of increased sales. Ideally, a lot of organic traffic translates to a lot of profits.

Leverage affiliate marketing to make money with your premium domains

Use your premium domain name to create a blog. Then start posting high-value content that delights and informs followers. Promote your blog on social media platforms and through search engines. Soon enough, you’ll have a large audience of followers. You can start selling company products to them through affiliate marketing. While affiliate marketing takes time, when it kicks in, you can be earning a good commission every month. And the good thing is that it can be passive income, which means you can be earning commissions without touching your blog.

Park your premium domains

Domain parking means registering domain names and keeping them for resale when prices domains have gone up. The good thing about parking domains is that once you register them, they are rightfully yours and nobody can register them or compel you to use them. They are yours as long as you can pay for them. So you can park the domains for as long as you want and only sell when an irresistible offer comes in.

You can sell your premium domains on auction sites

If you go to domain auction sites like GoDaddy and Domain Name Search, you’ll find a ton of domain names listed. You can also list your domain names on such auction sites and sell at a much higher price.


Selling domain names can be a lucrative business if you know what you’re doing. The trick is to search for top-level domains (TLD) like .com, .net, .org and more. And make sure to get the highest possible price before you sell. Large companies can pay up to 5 figures just to get a .com domain name.